Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best Field Trip Ever!

Saturday we, along with another family, had the great pleasure of being guests at the home of a tropical horticulturalist and his wife in Kaneohe. We decorated Easter eggs (fresh from their own chickens!), played on the swing set, visited with the goats, ate a yummy lunch, and toured the grounds. Cinnamon trees, coffee trees, vanilla vines, papaya, bananas, taro, ginger, plus much, much more were all growing right there in the yard. It was so interesting to see small-scale tropical farming in progress. I learned so much!

Dr. Osgood holding a ripe cacao pod

Vanilla has to be hand-pollinated.

Some Chicken-love

Surprised by the charging dog!

Some male-bonding time

About 6 tangerines and 80 strawberries later...

I mentioned to Mrs. Osgood that if I ever had a yard like that, I would sit outside on the porch all the time to enjoy it. She said there's no time to enjoy it! There's too much work to do to keep it looking that way! Wow, there's a profound life lesson right there. How many area of life can I apply that statement to?

Photos by the Amazing Acadia

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